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SalmoSim is a continuous salmon gut fermentation system aimed at simulating microbial communities present in three major gut compartments of salmon: stomach, pyloric caecum, and mid-intestine.

SalmoSim has the capacity to represent generalized marine or freshwater lifecycle stages. We aim to use the system to:

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•  Understand niche colonisation and microbial community assembly in the salmon gastrointestinal tract.

•  Fully characterise the taxonomic diversity and biochemistry of the microbiomes of salmon with divergent energetic phenotypes.

•  Develop tailored microbial communities that will maximize nutritional energy harvest from aquaculture feed.

•  Predict the impact of novel feeds or feed additives on gut biochemistry and digestibility.

•  Act as a test bed for pro-pre-syn-biotic efficacy and drug delivery.

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