New Year: 2019 Work Resolutions

As we have welcomed in the New Year, it is time to set some work-associated resolutions!

Whether we plan to learn a new skill, improve upon an old one or engage with research in different ways, we aim to keep each other on track and support one another throughout 2019.

  1. Improve my Scientific Writing Skills.

  2. Read 9 books: three on the "Object-Oriented Programming" concept, three on machine-learning, and three on phylogenetics and evolutionary biology.

  3. Organise, then manage 10-years worth of computer and hard disk files .

  4. Publish all of my written research manuscripts.

  5. Stop creating resolutions at the end of the year if I cannot make 90% of the above happen!

  1. Improve the organisation of my code.

  2. Avoid aneuploid organisms.

  3. Make Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST) great again.

  4. Find more time for people (vs. protists).

  1. Set up SalmoSim V2.0 and get it running successfully. 

  2. Keep up with my write-ups.

  3. Learn more about statistics.

  4. Don’t overwork myself.

  1. Stop setting timelines - things will never be done by the time I want/expect because that is the reality of PhD work.

  2. Try to accept the stochastic nature of a research PhD.

  3. Attend a conference.

  4. Find a healthier work-life balance.


 Learn as much proteomic and bioinformatic analysis techniques as possible... I guess this will require learning some programming as part of it too!


Become more of a coder and less of a lab rat!

  1. Read two manuscripts a day, every day.

  2. Close my laptop by 11pm.

  3. Get out into the field more often.

  1. Get the hang of bioinformatics.

  2. Read at least two new papers a week.

  3. Publish my first paper.

Happy New Year from Llewellyn Lab!

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